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Contest Winners!

We want to congratulate Kelsey McKendry, Kevin Norris, and Cisco Passmore for entering and winning our Birthday Giveaway! Get in touch with us and we can sort out times to give you your shirts!

Last Chance!

Hey everyone! Don’t forget to like and share our birthday post to be entered to win one of our athletic shirts!

Contest Update

Don’t forget! Contest ends at the end of the month so if you haven’t already shared this do it for your chance to win some awesome Bullseye Electric gear!

Apprentice Update

Hey everyone! Our apprentice Luke is continuing to absorb information like a sponge, and using it on the job. Here he is completing his first panel change, under our safety procedures and supervision of course. We are very excited for him to continue to prosper, and he is looking to go to his first year of school soon!

As a reminder, check our birthday post, and like and share it to be entered to win one of our athletic shirts!

Thank You!

Hey everyone! We’re coming up on Bullseye’s second birthday! Looking back, every milestone we’ve crossed, from being excited about our 25th job, to hiring an apprentice and sending him to school, has been all thanks to you. As a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped, no matter how big, we have a very special thank you!

For the remainder of February, any bill over $2000, will be 10% off!

We will also be giving away 2 of our athletic T shirts, and 1 of our athletic long sleeves! All you have to do is LIKE and SHARE this post, and we’ll draw a winner on the 28th!

Thanks again everyone, for welcoming us!


Hey everyone!

With this cold weather, make sure your vehicles are ready! Keep the fuel above half a tank, have extra clothes in there, jumper cables, candles for emergency warmth (crayons will do as well), etc.

Hang in there, Balzac Billy said spring is just around the corner!

Happy Superbowl!


Home And Garden Show!

Hey everyone!

We missed the deadline last year, but this year we are excited to announce we are part of the Airdrie Home and Lifestyle show!

We’re looking to have some home automation demos that will be hands on, some displays of products that we use to enhance your home, and lots more! We will be at booth 155, make sure sure to come say hi, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new people!

State and Main!

Check out State And Main in Airdrie to keep warm during this little cold spell! Their restroom sign was finally delivered, and it matches the style in there already!

Mountain Beauty

We were lucky enough to work with good people on this beautiful cabin out in Canmore! Let us know what you think!

Clothing Order!

Hey all!

For everyone who missed out on these fantastically comfortable hoodies were doing another order! $40 per hoodie and of course we still have hats and shirts as well! If you would like to get your hands on one of these let us know your size and quantity and we will get them ordered! Let us know by Friday!

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