Contest Winners!

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is keeping cool with this heat wave coming through!

Did you know we can do the electrical hook up for air conditioning units? If you are getting an AC installed this summer or thinking about it, call us for your free quote!

Finally I don’t want to forget but we do have 2 winners for the shirt and Tim’s card giveaways!

Thank you to everyone who entered, and to everyone sharing us and helping us grow!

Our winners:
Michele Tremblay
Sterling Oakey

Please contact us for options on shirts and to pick them up!


Contest Time AGAIN!

Hey everyone!

It’s CONTEST time again!

There will be 2 winners for this contest. The prize is a TShirt and a Tim’s card each!

All you have to do to enter is:

Share this post on Facebook AND Review us on Facebook!
If you don’t do both you will not be eligible.

Winners will be announced Friday July 28!

Finally don’t forget about our #canada150 promotion where you get $150 off any order over $600!

Thanks everyone and good luck!

Leave it to the pros!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to touch base and remind everyone that electricity can be very dangerous if not handled by the professionals. I found this on the outside of a building a few weeks back and is just one example of amateur negligence. Something like this will never seal and water getting into the building through this can not only cause short circuits but also damage drywall and insulation.

Make sure to hire the pros!

Don’t forget we got our #canada150 promotion still on for the remainder of July. Spend $600 or more and receive $150 off!

Thanks everyone