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Warmer Weather is Coming!

We hope everyone is as excited as our friends over at Airdrie Originals Joes about spring finally making it here. And that means patio weather.

Check out the new LED patio lights once this weather sorts itself out! Keep us in mind for for your spring projects!


Tough Customers!

Some days are just better than others. I had quite the audience today while repairing a stock waterer. They had a few personal space issues, but were thankful for the water.

We strive to serve Airdrie the best we can, and that includes our rural neighbors. So feel free to give us a call, from service calls to new installs!



Hello Everyone!

Spring is upon us and we are booking up fast so make sure to call us to get your spring projects started! Air Conditioners, Hot Tubs, Garages, Home Renovations, you name it we can do it!

We also just set up a Yelp page and we were hoping that anyone who we have done work for could take 30 seconds and leave us a nice Yelp Review!

Thanks everyone, updates coming soon on some projects we have been working on and some spring promotions!



Bathroom Fans!

I was tired of my bathroom fan sounding like a jet engine, so I replaced it with a new very quiet one!

And the potlight above the shower is on with the fan for a little extra light in the shower.

It’s simple things like this that I hope inspire ideas for your house! Give us a call and we can help you out with these ideas!


Be Safe Out There!

I recently had a long conversation with someone about the safety procedures in the case that your vehicle is struck by a downed powerlines. He had heard the way to exit safely was using the hopping method. The shuffle method is actually what should be used.

Hopefully you never have to use this, but it’s always nice to have in the back of your head!

Update to New LED Lights with Bullseye!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to recommend a tip for any upcoming renovations!

We like to push LED fixtures. Not only do they drastically reduce power consumption, but they’re also lower maintenance!

Older fixtures contain bulbs that become very hot, as this picture shows on the inside of a fixture that was swapped out for an LED model. It was also much lighter to carry up a ladder!

They also last much long, as the ones we recommend are rated for around 50,000 hours! Meaning less time changing bulbs! And they come in every different style imaginable!

Stay Safe!

Hey everyone! Hopefully everyone made it around town safe and sound after that big dump of snow!

I had a bit of a snow day yesterday, but this is a good reminder that we’re not through with winter yet! Make sure not to get complacent when you’re driving around out there!


Garage Heaters!

If you have a small area to heat, we have great options for electric heating!

We installed this garage heater this morning for a happy customer!

Remember in honour of our 1 year in business we are offering 10% all orders over $500 for the month of February!

Call for your free quote today!


Contest Winner Announcement!

Thank you to everyone for entering!

Our winner this time is….

Josh Haire

Everyone keep and eye out for future contests and promotions!

REMINDER all bills over $500 in the month of February are automatically 10% off!

Get the new year started right with Bullseye Electric helping you complete your home renovation completed!


Contest Time!


SHARE and LIKE this post to be entered to win this sweet Bullseye Electric Trucker Hat!

Don’t forget we have these for sale usually for $20 and other hat options if this is too flashy for you!

We also have a great promo coming up for our 1 year anniversary in February! 10% off any bill over $500!

Don’t forget to Like AND Share this post to be entered!



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