Were Here!

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday!

Feel free to come join me at Optimist Park for the Batting Against Breast Cancer tournament! Lots of softball to watch with great costumes, great weather, food trucks, lots of activities for the kids, all for a good cause!

Hope to see you here!


Thanks for the Support!

Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets! It was with your help we raised $800 for the Canadian Cancer Society! Good work everyone! Feel free to come watch some softball on July 28th at optimist park!

If you are looking for something to do August 11th, the Calgary Police Rodeo is that day! With proceeds going to the Missing Childrens Foundation, its sure to be a good day. You might even see C compete!

Last Chance for Raffle Tickets and Clothes!

Hey Everyone!

This is the LAST CHANCE to get your hands on the Batting Against Breast Cancer Raffle tickets we have for sale! They are only $10 and grand prize is a house boating trip for up to 22 people!

We have pushed the deadline back as far as we could, Tickets must be purchased by Saturday by 6PM!

If you want any tickets let us know, you can send etransfers to info@bullseyeelectric.ca

Finally, all the new clothing will be done in a beautiful black material! This is the final call for Hoodies($40), Tshirts($20), and Polos($25). Even if we have talked please let us know what you would like and what size! We will be compiling a list and ordering tomorrow afternoon!


Raffle Tickets Available!

Hey everyone, happy almost weekend!

Just a friendly reminder, our raffle tickets for Batting Against Breast Cancer are still on sale until NOON of Friday July 20th!

Good luck to everyone who bought tickets!

Batting Against Breast Cancer

Hey everyone, sorry for the late post!

We finally got more of our Batting Against Breast Cancer raffle tickets! Just check out those prizes.

If you have any interest, feel free to let us know here, and we will schedule a drop off! The tickets are $10 a piece, and are for purchase until July 20th. Feel free to to call 403-917-0177, and press 2!

Have a good week!


New Website!

We are very proud to announce our newly designed desktop website! We felt an update was in need and here it is!

On another note we are wanting to do a clothing order right away here. Please comment below with whatever you’d like to order and sizes and we can get that started!

Hoodies – $40
T-shirts – $20
Polos – $25

Get your own Bullseye Electric gear today!


Battle Together!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to reiterate how excited we are to be sponsoring the Batting Against Breast Cancer softball tournament! Its taking place July 28th, 2018 at Optimist Park, Calgary, from 8AM until 6PM!

We also have a special announcement. We’ve been approached to help fundraise even more. We will be selling raffle tickets for the organization! Tickets will be $10 a piece, with excellent prizes. 
First prize: a Waterway houseboat trip for up to 22 people.
Second prize: a $1500 gift card to World Of Spas.
Third prize: an 8 piece KitchenAid prize pack.

We will updating once we have the tickets available for purchase, so keep your eyes peeled! This isn’t a raffle you want to miss out on!


Hidden Dangers!

Personnel and property safety is a huge part of our job. We do our absolute best to identify and mitigate hazards on job sites, which include, but are not limited to live power, ladder use, use of hand and power tools.

But every job is unique, and presents their own hazards. Some can’t be addressed in our tool box meetings until they happen.

A good example of these unforeseen hazards could be who we encountered while we were leaving a site in Canmore!

On the way home, we conversed about the appropriate ways to handle our furry friend. From a CBC article, we found the answers.

– Keeping food scents away from their curious noses is a good start.
– Making noise and ensuring you’re heard should be enough to keep them at bay. But if not, 
– Remain calm. As tough as it is to ignore our instincts to turn and run, a lot of predators have an instinct to chase something that’s running. They love their fast food. Get big, make noise, and slowly back away.

Just remember they’re just trying to eat and don’t want an confrontation as much as we don’t!

Stay safe and enjoy the weather!

Home Security!

A client of ours had a golf partner cancel, and wanted to talk about home automation and security cameras! So we figured we’d save time and take care of both!

Security cameras are never a bad idea. Catching anything fishy going on near your property, and being able to rewind and review tape can be extremely handy. Give us a call if you’re considering it!

Canmore Work!

We had quite the beautiful drive to Canmore over the last couple days! It sure doesn’t feel like work when you get to look at this view with such beautiful weather the last few days.

We’re booking up reasonably quick, so if you have a vision for a project, let us know! We’d love to help you out with those! This house in Canmore is full of home automation, so we’re full of new ideas!