Hidden Dangers!

Personnel and property safety is a huge part of our job. We do our absolute best to identify and mitigate hazards on job sites, which include, but are not limited to live power, ladder use, use of hand and power tools.

But every job is unique, and presents their own hazards. Some can’t be addressed in our tool box meetings until they happen.

A good example of these unforeseen hazards could be who we encountered while we were leaving a site in Canmore!

On the way home, we conversed about the appropriate ways to handle our furry friend. From a CBC article, we found the answers.

– Keeping food scents away from their curious noses is a good start.
– Making noise and ensuring you’re heard should be enough to keep them at bay. But if not, 
– Remain calm. As tough as it is to ignore our instincts to turn and run, a lot of predators have an instinct to chase something that’s running. They love their fast food. Get big, make noise, and slowly back away.

Just remember they’re just trying to eat and don’t want an confrontation as much as we don’t!

Stay safe and enjoy the weather!