Safety First!

Hey everyone!

Safety is a big thing here at Bullseye. One of the steps we take is called a Lockout, shown here. What this does is prevent anyone from turning on a breaker while it’s being worked on. Not only does this protect from electric shock, but also moving parts. In this case, a heavy duty fan was being worked on, so we would have hated to have that turned on by someone wondering why the fan wasn’t running!

For a quick quiz, who is allowed to unlock a lockout? 
A) Anyone
B) The person who installed it
C) Anyone who has the key
D) Anyone who works for the company who installed it.

Speaking of safety, winter is fast approaching, only if it’s a day at a time for now. Driving is a dangerous activity, yet we underestimate how dangerous it could be.
Make sure to keep a kit in your car with items such as gloves, blankets, a shovel, flashlight, water, snack foods, booster cables, and candles.

Stay warm, safe, and dry out there!